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Sutherland Silver Prints

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5" X 7" Gelatin Silver signed/numbered/dated unframed.
* $95.00-$195.00 U.S.

8" X 10" Gelatin Silver signed/numbered/dated unframed.
* $135.00-$295.00 U.S.

11" X 14" Gelatin Silver signed/numbered/dated
* $225.00-$595.00 U.S.

16" X 20" Gelatin Silver signed/numbered/dated
* $395.00-$1125.00 U.S.

Larger Gelatin Silver print sizes are available
* Please write for Quote

Sutherland Silver prints are available in editions of 30 prints (or less) per size

Open Edition prints are also available. All prints are signed & dated by Sutherland.

Actual shipping charges will be added according to quote received.

*Original prints are of superior quality to the scanned images seen on this site.

All photographs are archival fiber base, printed to museum standards.
Prints are shipped secure Registed/Insured via UPS, FedEx or CanadaPost.
*Vintage prints are available. Certain prints may no longer be available if the edition is sold out.

To place an order, please email Tom Sutherland. Please reference the photo #Number and Title


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